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The Female Success Formula Masterclass

About the Masterclass

Many people find it difficult to achieve their goals. They commit to losing weight, getting fitter, or completing a new project at work. Only to get nowhere! Are you feeling stuck in negative patterns and cycles where you aren't where you want to be? Are you frustrated and feeling like a failure because you don't seem to be progressing any further than you did the year before? In this 1-hour on-demand webinar, you'll explore how to move from being stuck and feeling like a failure to achieving your goals and feeling free and in control. You'll learn: * What's holding you back from achieving the success you want * Differences between men and women and why women need a different strategy to men. * Why traditional goal setting doesn't work for females * The female success formula * What you can do to achieve your goals This is one of our most popular webinars with many "Ah ha" moments. You'll understand the missing piece of the puzzle to achieving the goals and success you've always wanted.




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