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Planning for the Best Year Ever

It's a brand New Year and everyone talks about setting resolutions to change the habits they know aren't serving them.

There are the people who have seen their weight increase over the challenging year and used food as an emotional crutch. Others have felt stagnate and not reached out for the promotion they've always wanted or failed to stretch themselves with starting new, innovative/creative projects.

We all know that many of the resolutions don't come to fruition, but why?

There are limiting beliefs that are stopping us. It's these limiting beliefs that cause us to feel unworthy and believe we aren't good enough, we don't have the time, we are going to fail (so why bother?!), we don't have the experience, skills, or experience to do a good job.

In many cases, we don't even know we think thinking in this way. It's our unconscious thoughts that are leading the way.

Unconscious thoughts are those which are automatic and are below our logical awareness. It's our control centre. It makes up 95% of our minds and we aren't even aware of what's going on there! They've been set in our genes well before we were born, they were moulded by our environment and the experiences we've had in life.

Even though many of us know logically we aren't a failure or we can succeed at that promotion, there's something stopping us from doing so. It's our unconscious thoughts.

Our reality has been tainted by programming that's been set in our genes (experiences and environment of our past generations) and our experiences in the world. So, even when you do all of the self-help courses, professional development training, and personal development you can get your hands on, we find ourselves not achieving our potential because something is holding us back.

So, what's holding us back?

It's not only the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves that are holding us back it's the things that we've brushed aside as unimportant... like pain, hurt, anger, difficult relationships, betrayal. These all lurk deep into our unconscious and interferes with our conscious resulting in us not achieving our goals!

You could almost say the past is eating our unconscious mind and destroying our goals! It doesn't even matter if we logically believe the past is gone and done and it's irrelevant.

It's not.

Our unconscious mind doesn't respond to logic. After all, this part of our brain (a whole 95% of it!) is illogical and very emotional. That's why you can be triggered by events in life and are sometimes surprised that you reacted the way you did.

Importantly, when we try to achieve our goals like losing weight, getting fitter and eating a 'clean' diet we often set ourselves up for unhappiness. If we aren't dealing with the unconscious mind, then it's much harder to achieve our goals (if at all), because our unconscious mind will sabotage these efforts.

Once we sabbotage our efforts and don't reach our goals it then re-affirms we ARE a failure, we ARE hopeless and we just can't do it.

It's an endless circle. Or is it?

Nothing changes until you reset your unconscious programming and deal 'head on' with the limiting beliefs and feelings.

The thing is 'self cannot analyse self', so this is where you need someone to help you.

That's where I come in! I specialise in helping you to identify what your limiting beliefs are so you can bust them for good.

I know you've already done a lot of professional development work, but this is different. You are guaranteed the limiting beliefs we work on, will be gone. How awesome is that?!

Are you ready for a new possibility you've never experienced before? Let's start your change by connecting --> schedule a call to discuss how you can reset your unconscious programming to amazing success to achieve your goals.

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