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Something has to change

When working full time and dealing with day-to-day activities in a demanding consulting role, while also trying to find time to attend afterschool activities for my children, organising birthday parties, and pulling together meals at the end of the day, my days were full.

There was chaos all around me. My mind was a mess with the worry I was going to miss something critical to my role which would leave me looking incompetent and unprofessional or my children would feel left out and not heard.

I was constantly thinking about how I was going to deal with work when wobbles or hiccups occur. What if it threw me off course and I wasn't able to make my income and budget demands?

My mind was making a mountain out of a molehill.

I spent my work outside of hours doing all of the work I couldn't get done during the day because of the back-to-back meetings I had during the day. Ultimately, I didn't want to let anyone down. I couldn't say no.

There was little time to spend on me. No time for self-care to help me relax after a long week. Unwinding from a busy week wasn't even on the cards! After all, I had the family to look after and was volunteering at scout camps.

I was out of control feeling like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. The thought of quitting my job was just as terrifying as failing at work. I constantly told myself I was failing at work and at home. I felt like I had no support at home or at work.

Nothing was working.

I needed a different perspective on work and how I managed working full time with home life. I needed a new plan on what I wanted to do with my life.

I was focusing on the bandaid solutions. Just like the rest of my colleagues (who interestingly were mainly men!) set goals, meditated, exercised, and attended all of the personal development programs I could get my hands on. The thing is, as soon as I had my goals documented, or my course completed, I'd come home to the craziness at home and all these learnings would fly out of the window.

I was tired of trying each and every modality at my fingertips. Meditation and exercise would work for a short time, but I had to keep doing it to see any results.

I thought there's something missing. Do you know what it was?

I wasn't focusing on my own needs, female design, and my past intergenerational beliefs and patterns. I wasn't looking at what makes me the person I am. All of the modalities and therapies I'd tried in the past were designed, created, and tested by men. No wonder it wasn't working for me!!

I wasn't focusing on the female difference. I wasn't focused on the chronic emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding me back! It was only once these areas holding me back were identified and addressed did I see huge changes in my life.

I ended up with a different perspective on work, how I juggle it with home life, and a new plan. All of this came from me - my own learnings. My priorities are now different and I've got all the tools now to live the life I want. One with ease, calm, and freedom.

You can't do this all by yourself. Having a Transformologist® to step me through the process was what made the world of difference! Understanding how powerful this role was to my transformation prompted me to want to help others too.

So, if you want your life to spin around into one that is calm and peaceful - where you feel confident and successful, get in touch with me. It's my mission to help as many women as possible to feel they have it all - work and family. I want you to reach the goals you want without anything holding you back.

Get in touch with me. Let's chat. Book a chat with me.

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