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The Wellness 'trickle effect'

Have you ever considered the impact your health and wellbeing has on your family, friends and work colleagues?

Take a moment to sit and reflect on the impact your behaviour has on those around you. If you are sick, tired and can't be bothered, how do others behave? Do your children become introverted, sad and glum? Perhaps they do the opposite and run around obnoxious!

I've noticed how the mood and attitude of others, can either suck the energy out of me or pump me up. Does this happen to you?

Often the behaviour of those around us will be reflecting our own behaviours. If we sit bitching and moaning about work and all things glum and dumb, then we'll often have this behaviour reflected back to us. On the other hand, if we are positive, happy and energised, this will also be mirrored back.

Our emotional health status has a constant influence over the health of every organ system in our bodies, particularly our nervous and endocrine systems. Clearly, our emotional health is largely affected by our daily interactions with others.

If our workers lives aren't sunny and rosy at home, it can influence the workplace environment. The same goes for the workplace. If we have a poor culture at work and workers are miserable, it can also affect their home life.

The good news - we can influence others behaviour to maximise wellness in and out of the workplace.

Our goal is to nurture and grow the positive vibes and emotions at work so it will trickle into the lives of our workers. We want our workers to be focused on wellness.

Wellness is being aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life in areas such as: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social wellbeing.

Do you as a leader know how to embed wellness at work? If you do, you'll be able to influence a positive life in the workplace and at home. If John, the forklift driver is happy at home, there's a greater chance he'll be happier when he comes into work. The opposite can happen too.

A positive wellness culture can have the biggest influence on John when his home life isn't so great. We can use the trickle effect to turn negative situations into something positive. We can't solve all of John's problems, however, we are increasing his resilience to be able to deal with anything he may come against at home. The wellness trickle effect.

Wellness programs can create a positive environment in the workplace. But where do we start?

We need first to identify the type of wellness culture we have at work.

Check with the people in your business. Take a moment to look deep into your environment at work.

Are people behaving in a way that promotes a healthy, well balanced lifestyle?

Open the work fridge or look around the lunch room. What are your people eating?

Are regular breaks taken during the working day?

Do you get a happy vibe when you meander around the site?

By putting on your investigative hat you'll get a sneak peek into your existing culture.

The number of people who take up wellness initiatives can be a measure of how your people support wellness ideas. If you don't have a positive take-up on activities, you may want to explore the attitudes, beliefs and values displayed at work. A culture survey or assessment that looks into your wellness culture, will help you to find out!

Ask your people about their own current situation and how they feel about their wellness. Importantly, find out what behaviour they'd like to change! It's only when you have this information you'll be able to start planning your wellness program.

Sure, you can't always change all the people around you, but you can create a trickle effect by changing the environment people work in. Make work a positive experience for them!

Remember though... women and men have many differences which influence how they learn, achieve success and develop from a personal nature. If you or a female member of your team is struggling to cope with what's going on around them, then reach out. I have a track record of helping women achieve success through busting limiting beliefs and negative emotions which hold them back.

Book an appointment with me and we'll discuss how I can help both you and your team!

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