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Words matter

Words definitely matter!

I woke up over the weekend and felt run-down, tired, and overwhelmed. Everything seemed too hard and I certainly wasn't jumping out of bed to get my weekend started...

"I should mow the lawn"

"I need to rest to recharge"

"I hate spending my weekends doing all the jobs around the house"

"I never get time to myself"

Lying in bed I realised there were so many red flags running through my mind.

I was telling myself I 'should', 'need', 'hate', and 'never'.

Wow, red flags waving at me from the moment I opened my eyes! No wonder I didn't feel so good getting out of bed!

There are so many common words which we use which can create the opposite of what we want. Words can sabotage us!

The power of change is in our hands, and it's as simple as identifying the red flag words and swapping them to change the way which we feel.

Let's look at how I ended up changing my own physiology and motivation to get things done. I changed what I was telling myself.

"I WILL mow the lawn"

"I am WORTHY of rest so I can recharge"

"I CAN spend my weekends doing all the jobs around the house"

"I WANT time to myself".

See how the change in words can make you feel different?

It can feel so empowering to do this as you take charge of your day.

What red flag words have you actively been changing to improve your mindset?

Let me know in the comments below.

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