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Trinette Jaeschke wellness coach, walking in grass feeling happy.

Is your life in CHAOS and you're feeling STRESSED and OVERWHELMED?

Let’s not ‘beat around the bush’, the way we feel and behave has EVERYTHING to do with what we think.

In a nutshell, I help you become successful, happy and calm by tapping into your thoughts, emotions and beliefs to enable positive change! 

Is this you?

  • Your negative head chatter is driving you nuts!

  • Worn out, feeling like a ‘hot mess’

  • Sick of trying all the self-help “stuff” because your issues keep coming back.

  • Everyone else’s needs are taking over and there’s no room for you

  • Angry and resentful and it’s affecting your family and work

  • Feel like a failure and “Mum guilt” settles in...

  • You’re dropping too many “balls” and everything’s falling apart.

  • You feel like life is an emotional rollercoaster


No need to feel STUCK any longer!  I provide guaranteed results.


Everything I do helps you to become aware of your self-sabotaging behaviour and negative self-talk.  With a focus on a positive mindset and habits you’ll transform your life into one of balance, confidence and calm.

Native Australian Flowers that make you feel calm.
Native Australian Wattle, New beginnings. Calm and Happy.

See your own transformation take place. 


  • Feel more positive, alive and calm!

  • Recover quickly when things go wrong (enter here your new superpower… Burn-out Proof Mum)

  • Be less overwhelmed and more capable to get “all the things” done

  • See “Fun Mum” return and your relationships positively change. 

  • Tame the inner critic

  • Have the drive to be successful at work.  Nothing will hold you back!

  • Enjoy life again with zest and drive.

Trinette Jaeschke Consultation


An Initial Consultation is an essential step which identifies the limiting beliefs and chronic emotions holding you back from achieving the results you want at home and at work.

This consultation identifies the issues and helps to establish actions moving forward.

Trinette Jaeschke Creatrix Resources


As a Wellness Coach I put your needs first. My aim is to help you feel better as quickly as possible so you can live the life you deserve.
Our Wellness Programs were designed specifically for women (by a woman!).  It’s fun (you don’t need to re-live past trauma) and the results are quick and long-lasting.  This is the only personal development process in the world which factors in female differences and the impact our genes play on our thoughts, beliefs and emotions! 

A more centred, burnout-proof, happy woman is unstoppable!

Our Programs
Trinette Jaeschke Wellness Resources


Delve into a range of digital resources to help you transform - eBooks, self-coaching workbook, webinars and so much more.  Everything I develop contains strategies which help you to make changes to your wellness and life.


Women who have used these resources have felt calmer and more in control.



When working in a corporate role as a consultant, I was juggling a full-time job requiring regular travel and running an active family.   I didn’t feel like I was good enough, so I overcompensated by trying to do more. I took on ALL of the responsibility at home and strived for even higher goals at work.  I was a “hot mess” and felt like a failure.  In helping everyone else, I forgot about myself and became sick and ill with exhaustion.
After a restless night unable to sleep, I realised I had to do something different.  Enter here the time in my life when I studied a crazy number of courses and self-development activities… my LinkedIn profile is proof of that! 
All of these courses, retreats and yoga sessions only helped with the feelings of overwhelm and stress for the short term. It was only when I explored holistic wellness practices that I was truly able to feel calm, have a clear head and start feeling like the person I always wanted to be!
As a Wellness Coach, I’m on a mission to empower and change women’s lives.  I know, like me, you want success and calm in your life and you want change NOW!   There’s no more dilly-dallying…
About Me

" Hi Trinette, I can not thank you enough for the work you did with me around anger.

Myself and my relationships have suffered dearly from my often unpredictable outbursts of rage and anger, but for the first time in my life, I don't feel triggered anymore so I'm so much nicer to my son and partner.

Thank you! "



Thanks for reaching out!, I'll be back in touch within 2 business days

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